Gennaro Bianco

Gennaro Bianco

Oceanographer and meteorologist at the Parthenope University of Naples. CMAS 3 * Instructor. FisaSub Instructor. UISP instructor. FIN swimming instructor. Fins swim instructor. PADI OWSI. EFR Instructor. HSA diving guide for the disabled. Licensed guide in the Submerged Archaeological Park of Baia. Skipper sailing and motor boats without limits. Founding member of the Centro Sub Campi Flegrei.
In the eighties he was a founding member of the Poseidon sea center, a period in which diving was still a sport for a few. He has always worked with the sea. At the diving center he deals with economic management, freediving courses and follows relations with the Assodiving Flegreum consortium of which he was the first President.
Reliability, professionalism and precision are his great qualities.