Padi Tec course 100 ccr

PADI Tec 100 CCR


The Tec 100 CCR Diver is the spearhead of PADI Tec CCR diving training: in this course, you will learn to plan and do hypoxic dives with trimix / heliox using a Type T (technical) CCR up to a maximum of 100 meters / 328 feet, to wear and manage different “bailout” cylinders and to complete various decompression stops.

The Tec 100 CCR Diver course falls within the scope of technical diving with Type T CCRs, which include a range of electronic (eCCR) and manual (mCCR) CCRs. The Tec 100 CCR Diver hones your skills to diagnose, understand and effectively solve life support problems: in this course, you will use a hypoxic trimix / heliox diluent to complete a technical dive and all the necessary decompression, while wearing a set of cylinders of trimix / heliox bailout with high / low amount of oxygen.
This training is significantly more challenging than that of the Tec 60 CCR Diver course, in part because it involves the use of diluents and bailout gases that cannot be breathed safely on the surface. Successful completion of the Tec 100 CCR Diver course requires divers to demonstrate the superior level of skill required to dive competently with a technical CCR at depth of exploration.

Tec 60 CCR Diver certification (or qualifying certification from another organization).
Proof of having logged 175 dives, of which at least 50 - with 100 hours of experience - with the Type T CCR used in the course and with an “off board” bailout system. At least 25 of these dives must have involved various decompression stops, and have been performed above 40 meters / 130 feet with trimix / heliox thinner.
Be 18 years of age.

The Tec 100 CCR Qualifier Program
Divers wishing to apply for certification for another Type T CCR at the level of Tec 100 CCR Diver, will need to complete the Tec CCR Qualifier program: it deals with the skills and theoretical knowledge specific to that particular unit.
The Tec 100 CCR Refresher
This refresher program covers the skill level needed to perform Tec 100 CCR dives: if required, divers can also use it to review the skills appropriate to the Tec 40 and 60 CCR Diver courses.

The Tec 100 CCR Diver is the spearhead of PADI Tec CCR diving training: in this course, you will learn how to (…)


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