Freediving Instructor


If you are a freediver enthusiast, chances are you spend a lot of your time thinking and talking about freediving, sharing the details of your latest adventures.

Becoming a PADI Freediving Instructor allows you to turn your passion into a profession.

It takes hard work, but you are rewarded with a new job, which allows you to share your incredible achievements with others.

You will transform the life of your students for the better, enriching yours.

There are two ways to become a PADI Freediver Instructor.

The first is for experienced freedivers who acquire teaching skills by attending a PADI Freediver Instructor training course.

The second way is for freediver instructors from other didactics who want to join the PADI organization by attending an Orientation Padi Freediver Instructor.

To enroll in a PADI Apnea Instructor Training course, you must be at least 18 years of age, have a PADI Master Freediver certification (or have equivalent certification), be a current Emergency First Response Instructor (or CPR Aid Instructor qualification / before) and submit a medical certificate signed by a doctor within 12 months.

For PADI Open Water Scuba Instructors (or above) who are also experienced freedivers, who have a PADI Advanced Freediver certification or equivalent, they can directly submit a PADI Application Freediver Instructor Application to their PADI Regional Headquarters.

What will you learn?
In the PADI Freediver Instructor course which has a minimum duration of four days, between theoretical and practical sessions, you will learn:
PADI Freediver course rules and procedures
Learning and Education
Teaching skills
Supervision and management of safety and risks in freediving
Physiology and Psychology
Apnea Organization and Marketing

In the part relating to the Orientation section for Apnea Instructors, which can be done in person or through a couple of hours webinar, the following key topics are taught:
PADI Freediver course rules and procedures
Apnea Organization and Marketing

For both the program, there is also an in-depth study on environmental issues and a final written exam.

First Level Instructor: Euro 950.00 (for those who already have a second level diving license)
First Level Instructor: Euro 1250.00 (for those who do not have a Freediving license)
Apnea Instructor Crossover: Euro 550.00
Emergency First Response Instructor: Euro 400.00
Didactic material Included
Apnea Instructor Courses Calendar 2016
From March 26th to April 3rd
From 1st to 9th October

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us: email:

If you are a freediver enthusiast, chances are you spend a lot of your time thinking and talking about freediving, (…)


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