II Diving Festival


Published on 4 December 2013


Campi Flegrei Sub Center 13-14-15 December 2013



After the success of last year which saw as its theme "women and diving" the diving festival returns, which this year has "technical diving" as its theme. Three days of event that see at the forefront "technical diving ... beyond the boundary of didactics". A moment of aggregation that sees the recreational divers who want to learn knowledge about technical diving as protagonists, the technical teaching managers who will donate their contribution, the technical instructors who will provide their experience and the divers engaged in carrying out this activity who will express their point of sight.
The event opens with a work shop on Friday evening at the Campi Flegrei diving center, while on Saturday and Sunday in each diving participating in the event you will find initiatives related to technical diving aimed at both those who want to approach this sector and those who wants to improve their diving skills. Diving and diving courses for a three-day growth marathon. The event will be supported by Scubapro which will provide dry suits free of charge.

Follow the updates on the event… .. every day a photo postcard will communicate the illustrious people who will participate in the event.

Below you will find the program of the event concerning the work shop and the initiatives organized by the Campi Flegrei diving center on Saturdays and Sundays.


Friday 13 December

18:00 WorkShop Centro Sub Campi Flegrei c / o "Montenuovo motorboat club" Lido montenuovobeach - via Miliscola 156 - Lucrino - Pozzuoli (Na)

Technical diving ... beyond the boundaries of teaching

• The Opinion of Didactics
Speeches by regional manager Italy of various didactic
• The opinion of the instructors
Interventions by well-known technical diving switches
• The opinion of the Diving
The point of view of diving in technical diving
• Discussion
Questions from the participants and discussion

9.00 pm Dinner € 15 (reservations required)

Saturday 14 & Sunday 15 December

08: 30-11: 30 - 14:30 Free Rebreather test, Dives to approach technical diving and Dives dedicated to technical divers.
08:30 Introductory courses to technical diving. At the Centro Sub Campi Flegrei for anyone who writes to the courses during the three days of celebration, the license is given to him by the diving.

Scheduled courses:

Dry Suit Course Euro 95.00 instead of Euro 140.00

Includes: 2 dives + manual + 2 theory lessons + dry suit provided free of charge by scubapro and patent given by the Campi Flegrei diving center.
Duration 1/2 days
During a dive, would you like to stay warm? Then dive dry. Safe! Unlike a wetsuit, a dry suit isolates you from the water around you and keeps you warm, even in very cold waters. Dry suits allow you to dive even in really challenging situations and extend your diving season. When you wear the correct cold water diving clothing, the cold is no longer a problem and you can enjoy the generally better visibility that characterizes the winter months. You will acquire the knowledge and skills to put on, dive, take off and put away a dry suit; all in safety. You are introduced to the various types of wetsuits, so that you can choose well when deciding to buy a dry suit. You will learn:
• Buoyancy control skills with a dry suit
• Care, maintenance and minor repairs of a dry suit
• Undersuit options (teddy bear or other types of suits to wear under the drysuit)

Discover Tek Euro 35.00 instead of Euro 45.00

Includes: 1 boat dive and a theory lesson
Duration: 1 day
Discover Tec allows you to try out technical diving equipment and necessary procedures. You will learn about technical diving and try to put them into practice. In addition, Discover Tec experiences can also be credited for the Tec 40 course. You will need basic diving equipment and will try technical diving equipment. To participate in Discover Tec Diving, you must:
• Be a PADI open water diver (or equivalent certification issued by another diving organization)
• Have a minimum of 10 certified dives
• Be at least 18 years old

Nitrox course Euro 95.00 instead of Euro 120.00

Includes: 2 dives + manual + 2 theory lessons + nitro refills + license given by the Campi Flegrei diving center
Duration: 1/2 days
The PADI Enriched Air Diver course is the most popular PADI diving specialty course, and it's easy to see why: diving with Nitrox enriched air gives you more no-decompression time. It means having more time underwater, particularly on repetitive dives.
Normally you will be able to stay underwater longer, and come back sooner. No wonder many divers choose this as their first specialty. You will learn:
• Techniques to stay underwater longer with nitrox enriched air
• Considerations for enriched air diving equipment
• Enriched air considerations, including managing oxygen exposure, how to find out what's inside your tank and how to adjust your dive computer.

Deep course Euro 180.00 instead of 280

Includes: 4 dives + manual + 4 theory lessons + license given by the Campi Flegrei diving center)
Duration: 2 days
Soon after the first few dives you will want to push your explorations a little deeper. There is something exciting and mysterious down there, and it's normal to be drawn to it.
The fun part of this course is the opportunity to explore the depths - it's just exhilarating. Will learn:
• The techniques to dive between 18 and 40 meters
• Considerations for diving equipment for deep diving
• Experience in planning, organizing and executing at least four deep dives under the direct supervision of your PADI Instructor

Diving program for the weekend 14-15 December:

Saturday 14
08:30 Punta Solchiaro - island of procida
11:30 Shoal of Miseno. Gulf of Pozzuoli
14:30 Smoky shoal - AMP Baia

Sunday 15
08:30 Punta Pizzaco 2 - Procida
11.30 Secca di Miseno 2– Procida
14:30 Shoal of fumose - AMP Baia

For more information and reservations:
Campi Flegrei Sub Center
Tel / fax 0818531563
Email: info@centrosubcampiflegrei.it