This Christmas Give Emotions!


Published on November 14, 2023

This Christmas surprise your friends and relatives with a different gift:
Give the gift of a new unforgettable experience capable of broadening horizons!
Give the gift of an adventure in the underwater world!

Here are some ideas for original gift packages to unwrap under the Christmas tree:

For those who love the sea and have always wanted to take a diving course experiencing an unprecedented adventure that will allow them to observe the mysteries of the underwater world, this is the starting point!
The PADI Open Water Diver course is the most popular and recognized scuba diving course in the world.
Through this course millions of people have learned to dive and continued to discover the wonders of the aquatic world.
To enroll in a PADI Open Water Diver (or Junior Open Water Diver) course you must be at least 10 years old.
The course, consisting of a theoretical part in e-learning and a practical part to be carried out on site, will make you a responsible and independent diver, ready to explore a new part of the world!
Diving equipment will be provided free of charge for the duration of the course.
Course cost: €380.00

Discover Scuba Diving - otherwise known as "Baptism of the sea" - is the experience most practiced by those who do not have a scuba diving license and wish to look out into the underwater world.
A program that allows those who have never taken a diving course to try diving with air breathing apparatus, at low depth and accompanied by an instructor.
This first immersion test will be carried out in complete safety in one of the sites of the Submerged Archaeological Park of Baia whose average depth is between 3 and 6 meters.
The diving experience in one of the most fascinating sites in the world will be preceded by a theory lesson with an authorized instructor and a story about the mysteries and beauties of the Submerged City of Baia.
No equipment is needed, we will provide you with everything you need to dive.
Duration: 3 hours
Cost: €80.00 + €5.00

Snorkeling is a marine excursion and allows you to observe the seabed of the Submerged Archaeological Park of Baia.
Snorkeling equipment consists of mask, fins and snorkel.
The mouthpiece, or aerator (snorkel) allows you to breathe without having to lift your head, the fins help you swim with minimal effort, making the action more effective.
Everyone can practice this aquatic discipline, there is no need to be an expert swimmer, in fact you can also use specific equipment such as flotation jackets that help you stay on the surface, giving safety to those who have never tried this activity before.
With the Campi Flegrei Sub Center you will be able to carry out your snorkeling excursion by visiting the seabed of the Submerged City of Baia: accompanied by qualified personnel you will be able to see mosaics, statues, remains of villas of the Roman aristocracy which have been below sea level for millennia due to the bradyseism, a volcanic phenomenon typical of the Campi Flegrei.
Duration 2 hours
Cost: €25.00 + €3.00

To receive further information and to book, do not hesitate to contact the Diving Center secretariat:
mobile phone : +39 329 2155239
tel. landline: 081 8531563
e-mail address: