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  • Flexible Payment Formula
Flexible Payment Formula:
In uncertain times like these, flexibility is very important. We recommend that you book a free cancellation option in case you change plans. By booking with the Flexibility formula, you are entitled to free cancellation. Changing plans is no problem if you have free cancellation!
No service or credit card fees
Risk Free: You can cancel later, so book today to secure your seat.
Fill out the form and make your reservations, you will receive confirmation by email within 24 / h.
You can cancel or change your booking later.
Payment by credit card is only used to guarantee the reservation, or if you do not show up at check-in on the established date or if you do not cancel your stay as written in the cancellation rules, the diving center is authorized to charge the card credit the corresponding cost. For more information read cancellation rules
The diving schedule includes the following booking times:
Submerged Archaeological Park of Baia
From Monday to Friday: 09:00 - 12:00 - 15:00
From Saturday to Sunday: 12:00 - 15:00
Islands From Monday to Friday: 09:00
From Saturday to Sunday: 08:30 - 09:30
The times are relative to check in. Check-out is expected about 2.5 hours later.
This time includes a historical, archaeological and technical briefing before going on the water, and the preparation of the equipment.
Cancellation terms and conditions:
You can cancel for free, up to 72 hours before your booking, at no cost.
For cancellations by us due to adverse weather conditions, technical and organizational reasons, the full amount paid will be refunded; or if desired, credit will be given to carry out the activities on another available date to be agreed.
The duration of the validity of the cancellation policy varies according to the operator and the credit circuit used; the amount, if not used as payment, should become available on your card again after 21 days.

Your booking includes:
Diving: Tank, ballast, boat passage, briefing, authorized guide, diving services (changing rooms, showers, rinsing, equipment storage).
Snorkeling: Fins, mask, snorkeling, wetsuit, weight, licensed guide, diving services (changing rooms, showers, rinsing, equipment storage).
Discover Scuba Diving: Fins, mask, snorkel, wetsuit, ballast, cylinder, BC, regulator, theory lesson, authorized guide, diving services (changing rooms, showers, rinsing, equipment storage).

Your booking does not include:
  • Entrance ticket to the Submerged Archaeological Park of Baia. To be paid at the hotel, Costs for each excursion:
    Scuba diving: € 5.00
    Snorkeling: € 3.00
    Discover Scuba Diving: euro 5.00
  • Diving equipment rental. To be paid at the hotel. Daily costs.
    Scuba Diving:
    BC: € 8
    Dispenser: € 8
    Wetsuit: € 8
    Fins and Mask: 5 €
    Complete equipment (BCD, regulator, wetsuit, fins and mask). Special Price: € 20
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