Tips for taking a quality course


A diving course is carried out only once in a lifetime, therefore, wherever you decide to take it, we feel the duty to give you a series of tips that can help you in your choice.

Here are the points you might consider to avoid any surprises and make sure you hang out a quality PADI course:

• Check that the dive center you have chosen is actually an officially registered center (to check a PADI center go to: - "Find a Dive Shop" - "Italy, Naples").
• If possible try to see the classroom and the general logistics that will be used for the course.
• Check that the instructor conducting the course is authorized to conduct the course in question and is in a teaching state. Teaching Status and the current year must be written on the instructor's certification.
• Check that your teaching material (student manual, video, app, e-learning code) is included in the course price. The teaching material you use must be new, and yours at the end of the course.
• Make sure you are asked for a medical certificate (this is not mandatory, as they may ask you to sign a disclaimer). Asking you for a medical certificate could be a sign of professionalism.
• Check the type of equipment you are using which is included in the price.
• Ask who your instructor will be, make sure they will always be present during the course activities. Make your own evaluation. The first impression is important !!
• Make sure that the facility where you take the course can provide you with services even after completing the course. If you have your own boats for diving, if you have a compressor to refill the cylinders, if you organize trips, if it is open all year round.

If all these points are met, your course will be a great experience.


The PADI: Professional Association Diving Instructor is the first diving teaching agency in the world. It operates internationally in 175 countries with around 3,000 affiliated structures, 80,000 professionals who issue around 1 million patents every year. The teaching materials are translated into more than 20 languages.

Why take a PADI course: What is the best teaching method for taking a diving course? Many will tell you that it depends on the instructor. When you start a Padi diving course you realize that it is not only the instructor who makes the difference. The pupil is at the center of the Padi training system. By following the Padi training standards, nothing is left to chance. The American Council Education has classified Padi courses as the only ones qualified for college and school credit, the other educational agencies simply did not rank. Eighty percent of the world's recreational divers have received their training from a Padi professional. A Padi diving license is recognized all over the world. Everywhere you will meet Padi structures and you will meet many Padi divers.

The Sub Campi Flegrei Center: Diving Center PADI 5 star IDC:
Located in Pozzuoli Arco Felice inside the Lido Montenunovo, directly on the sea, with changing rooms, showers, all equipment and boats for diving.
The Centro Sub Campi Flegrei deals with diving courses, guided diving and underwater tourism. The diving center is equipped with an educational classroom for 20 people, has multimedia teaching material and state-of-the-art Mares diving equipment provided during the course.

Why take a diving course at the Centro Sub Campi Flegrei: We have been carrying out diving courses since 1992. Every year we issue about 400 patents. This has allowed us to acquire good experience over the years, which has allowed us to receive in the year 2011 - 2012 - 2015 - 2016 - 2018 the teaching award from PADI EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Asia) counting us among the best diving schools of Italy.
At the Centro Sub Campi Flegrei, once the license has been obtained, it is possible to practice this sport all year round. Owned boats and a sector dedicated to travel and events guarantee your enjoyment. The diving is open all year round, expert instructors and a welcoming climate guarantee safety and fun.