14/16 June: Ventotene


Published on 3 February 2022

It is enough to dive a few moments in the clear waters of Ventotene to be enchanted by the scenery that appears before our eyes: scarlet sponges that cover the walls of the caves, gorgonians, purple and blue limestone formations that appear as tropical coral, clusters and rings of eggs of molluscs, corvine and damselfish. Frequent encounters with large fish such as groupers and white breams that let themselves approach without fear. You will admire plays of light that filter from the surface, down to where the blue fades into the most inaccessible blue. The peculiarity of diving in Ventotene and S. Stefano is also given by the extreme variety of the seabed: sandy, with extensive Posidonia meadows, with large walls, caves, arches and ravines. In the sea of Ventotene it is still possible to observe archaeological finds from ships sunk in Roman times, the most significant are now kept at the Municipal Archaeological Museum.

Sub fee: € 252
Non-diving fee: € 120
Deposit € 100 by May 3rd

The price includes:
for divers package 4 day dives, boat, tank, weights, recharge, nitrox, in addition to half board (accommodation, dinner and breakfast, drinks not included), assistance and transport from / to the port of Ventotene with accommodation at the 'Isolabella hotel.

The fee does not include:
Transfer from Naples to Ventotene (Snav hydrofoil from Naples or ferry from Formia), extras in general and anything not expressly indicated in the item "The fee includes".

The Isolabella hotel is located in the village above the Cala Rossano beach in a panoramic position. It is the first hotel structure built on the island and has always maintained a family management, its cuisine offers typical dishes of the island cuisine.

Underwater activities are provided by the Ventotene Diving Academy Idc Padi 5 *

For info and reservations:
tel. 081 8531563 or email cristina@centrosubcampiflegrei.it