Bitte warten Sie ...


Dear Friends, Dear Divers also at the Centro Sub Campi Flegrei time passes more slowly at the moment. We are strictly respecting the security measures and we are staying at home to overcome this difficult and unusual situation as quickly as possible. We are very grateful that all of the staff are doing well and we are taking advantage of this period to stop a little, to find new ideas for our traditional diving and to look to the future with realistic optimism.
We hope that you and your loved ones are well and we wish you a lot of patience, strength and above all a lot of health.
The best news, if we look through the window and we can see signs of a new restart!
So let's go ahead, with confidence! We take care of our loved ones closely, we do things that otherwise we would have always put off and we smile, to overcome this crisis together.
We wish you - despite everything - a Happy Easter, full of hope!
For our part, we look forward to welcoming you back at diving and until then we will do our best to make an important contribution to the future.
Happy Easter from Enzo, Cristina, Marcello, Chiara, Gennaro, Nicola, Stefania, Bruno, Ilaria, Mimmo, Alessandro, Gianni, Luca