Sea of the Submerged Park of Baia
Submerged Park of Baia finds
Underwater visit to the submerged park of Baia

The sea


In these places rich in history and legend where the landscape of Greeks and Romans still shines through, the sea keeps alive the traces of these peoples in the waters of Baia, Miseno and Lucrino, where it is possible to admire the depths of the submerged city.

There are also shoals and walls that arouse unexpected emotions due to the quantity of life that throbs in the fantastic scenery carved by the sea and natural events; the lobsters of Posillipo, the coral of Ischia, the groupers and the huge gorgonians of Procida, the fish clouds of the ants, diving into the blue of Capri ...

Physical parameters:

Sea water temperature:
- surface 15 - 27 ° C
- in immersion 13 - 22 ° C

15 - 20 meters

Mild all year round